Progetto ChIMERA: Pubblicato il programma delle attività dell’European Creative Industries Networking and Matchmaking Event - 13th June 2018 - Terrassa (Spagna)

Internationalization of creative industries · Creative Industries testimonials · Networking · B2B

Design, architecture, audiovisual, videogames, VR, AR,
music, media, heritage and publishing.



09.30 h    Registration of participants. Welcome coffee

10.00 h    Internationalization of Services. Success factors

11.00 h    Experiences of companies in international markets

11.00 h    Lucid Design – Design Agency-

11.30 h    Iglor -Audiovisual Technology-

12.00 h    Gina Barcelona - Architects-

12.30 h    Questions & Answers

13.00 h    Lunch

14.00 h    Speed  meetings

16.00 h    Bilateral meetings

17.30 h    End of the event

-    Networking coffee corner will be open from 16.00 to 18.00 h    -


Chamber of  Terrassa  Building
Blasco de Garay, 29-49, Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain

Date: 13th June 2018